20 April 2024

Limited to 500 entries this year.

You and a trusted riding partner will embark on a life-changing gravel-grinding odyssey from Cullinan to Dunkeld Country Estate. Unspoiled scenery, open gravel roads and a tough 20-km climb to the finish on already-spent legs make this race the toughest of them all.
Do you dare?



Cullinan Ultra Gravel Decent 2024 will take riders and their support crews over 260km of unmarked district roads.



The race is known for its grueling terrain, with an elevation gain of 3200m over the course of 24 hours.



You will have 24 hours to finish the race. Riders start at sunrise and most riders can expect to finish at around midnight.

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A Test of Grit and Determination

A beautiful morning at Cullinan Sports Ground brought together a group of the toughest riders in South Africa. As riders set off into the sunrise, the dusty gravel roads had riders in good spirits. As the day progressed, so did the intensity of the heat, pushing many to their limits. From waterpoint 3 to 4, the unforgiving sun took its toll, leading to several participants dropping out at waterpoint 4.

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They call us the indestructible, gritty, unhinged, deranged, stark mad,
determined, persistent… We just love riding.

This challenging and rewarding race demands a high level of mental and physical strength, making it a true test of a rider’s capabilities.