Time: 05:00

Where: Cullinan Sportsfields

Start Time

Time: 06:15

Where: Cullinan Sportcentre

Neutral zone: First 6 km from start

Start venue layout map

Rider and gear identification

Vehicle transfer service


This year we are happy to return to the original Ascent route starting in Cullinan and finishing in the highlands at Dunkeld Country Estate.

Please click on the links below to download the route file onto your GPS device ready for race day. Please note that it is compulsory to have a GPS device mounted on your bike with the route running on race day. The route will be marked only with the most basic route markings and your GPS should be used as the primary source.

GPX Files


WP1 = @ 42KM

WP2 = @ 86km​

WP3 = @ 133km (De Villa Lodge, Loskop dam) Note* Spectators entry fee payable at the gate​

WP4 = @ 178km (The Lions Club Pretoria South)

WP5 = @ 210km

WP6 = @ 240km

Please note! The Loskop Marathon will be on the same day. Please avoid the N11 between Middelburg & Loskop dams to get to WP3. The N11 will be closed.  Follow the dedicated Supporter route map to get to all the points.

Technical and medical assistance

Medal and T-shirt

Collect your finisher’s shirt at the finish with your medal.

Time splits

Race rules

Compulsory gear

Additional info


Enjoy your race!